About Taylor Mushinski


Taylor is an internationally exhibited and published freelance photographer with over a dozen images showcased globally since 2022.

Born in 1995 to a wonderfully supportive family in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Taylor was a true creative from the start. She began dance lessons at three years old, baking and crafting with her mom and grandmother, and woodworking with her dad. Her parents would often hand her a disposable camera and let her run wild, taking pictures of everything and everyone. Over the years some of these hobbies fell by the wayside, but one thing that Taylor found a true passion for was photography. At just sixteen years old Taylor started her own photography business, and ten years later she started earning her place in exhibits around the globe.

"Each project I have taken on has been guided by my curiosity, creativity and love for learning. I am an explorer, dreamer, creator and so much more. "

-Taylor Mushinski